Why the above ground pool?

Great care & thought has gone into the design of Villa Sands. Every aspect of the property (both landscaping and the home itself) has been built with a specific purpose in mind. For instance, the outdoor cooking area is there because large groups tend to appreciate grilling and BBQ’s. Also, when you’re in the house with your friends, the idea of currying a duck is going to come up.

The open air veranda is there for you to relax in the lounge chairs under the stars at night and also to get an eye-full of the surrounding scenery in the daytime.

But, why the above-ground pool? Most resorts have the well-known in-ground pool. Villa Sands had only one reason behind the decision to install an above-ground pool; and that is safety. With youngsters frequently accompanying our guests, its very hard to have eyes on the active little ones at all times. The appeal of a pool to children is undeniable, but not all of them have the ability to swim or stay afloat. It’s far too easy for children to accidentally fall into a pool that is literally at their feet; hence the reason for the above-ground pool.

There is also a splash-pool on hand for the smaller toddlers.

The pool at Villa Sands has a lattice gate surrounding it for added security.