The top things to do & see in Tobago

So, after reserving Villa Sands for a relaxing weekend, it’s time to start planning out your vacation days ahead. Frequent visitors to the island may already have their go-to spots, but what about if you haven’t been to Tobago before, or you have been, but just never did that much sightseeing?

Well, we’re here to tell you that you are missing out! Although very small in size, Tobago is packed with lots of activities to suit the adventure-seeker, or the more reserved personalities. And, best of all, these activities are within short distances from Villa Sands!

So, let’s get started:

  1. Buccoo Reef

    This is undoubtedly the most fascinating spectacle of underwater life. Glass-bottomed boat tours are not to be missed, because snorkelling in the waist-deep waters are part of the fun.

  2. Nylon Pool

    Another stop on the glass-bottomed boat tours is the Nylon Pool. The soft white seabed forms the base of a shallow “pool” in the middle of the sea. Just take a look at the photo on our home page slide.

  3. Argyle Falls

    Since we’re on the theme of water, let’s showcase an activity for the more energetic set in your group. The “hike” to the falls is a mere 15 minute forest walk. You are rewarded at the end of your trail with a stunning 3-tiered waterfall. Guides are available.

  4. Fort King George

    Historical aspects on the island have been well preserved on the island and are now popular attractions. The panoramic view off Fort King George is just amazing. If your timing is right, you may get a glimpse of the ferry coming in from Trinidad.

  5. Pigeon Point

    The famous pier with the thatched roof on the edge has graced many postcards. It’s an iconic image that most people associate with Tobago. The white sand & calm water just beckons you to come in and relax. If you work up an appetite, establishments are nearby to purchase snacks

  6. Store Bay

    One cannot speak about beaches & not mention Store Bay. This one is at the centre of it all. You actually get an aerial view of it if you are coming into the island on the plane.

Of course, Tobago has lots more to offer, but our list covers the major must-see spots on the island. To all our website visitors, we’d love to get your thoughts on our places of interest & we invite you to submit your very own experiences as well.